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New Hauler Bed option available
Generator/Tool Box Slide out compartment.

Hauler-Gen-Slide-Out_01.jpg Hauler-Gen-Slide-Out_02.jpg
Hauler-Gen-Slide-Out_03.jpg Hauler-Gen-Slide-Out_04.jpg
Hauler-Gen-Slide-Out_05.jpg Hauler-Gen-Slide-Out_06.jpg

2011 Dodge Dually With Classy Aluminum Hauler Bed

2011_Dodge_With_Classy_Aluminum_Hauler_Bed_indx_01.jpg 2011_Dodge_With_Classy_Aluminum_Hauler_Bed_indx_02.jpg
2011_Dodge_With_Classy_Aluminum_Hauler_Bed_indx_03.jpg 2011_Dodge_With_Classy_Aluminum_Hauler_Bed_indx_04.jpg
2011_Dodge_With_Classy_Aluminum_Hauler_Bed_indx_05.jpg 2011_Dodge_With_Classy_Aluminum_Hauler_Bed_indx_06.jpg
2011_Dodge_With_Classy_Aluminum_Hauler_Bed_indx_07.jpg 2011_Dodge_With_Classy_Aluminum_Hauler_Bed_indx_08.jpg
2011_Dodge_With_Classy_Aluminum_Hauler_Bed_indx_09.jpg 2011_Dodge_With_Classy_Aluminum_Hauler_Bed_indx_10.jpg
2011_Dodge_With_Classy_Aluminum_Hauler_Bed_indx_11.jpg 2011_Dodge_With_Classy_Aluminum_Hauler_Bed_indx_12.jpg

2011 Chevy 3500 4x4 shown with Classy Chassis Aluminum Haul-It-All Bed.
Also equipped with auxiliary fuel tank and 22k 5th wheel hitch.

Chevy_3500_4x4_Shown_with_Classy_Chassis_Aluminum_Haul-It-All_Bed_01.jpg Chevy_3500_4x4_Shown_with_Classy_Chassis_Aluminum_Haul-It-All_Bed_02.jpg
Chevy_3500_4x4_Shown_with_Classy_Chassis_Aluminum_Haul-It-All_Bed_03.jpg Chevy_3500_4x4_Shown_with_Classy_Chassis_Aluminum_Haul-It-All_Bed_04.jpg
Chevy_3500_4x4_Shown_with_Classy_Chassis_Aluminum_Haul-It-All_Bed_05.jpg Chevy_3500_4x4_Shown_with_Classy_Chassis_Aluminum_Haul-It-All_Bed_06.jpg
Chevy_3500_4x4_Shown_with_Classy_Chassis_Aluminum_Haul-It-All_Bed_07.jpg Chevy_3500_4x4_Shown_with_Classy_Chassis_Aluminum_Haul-It-All_Bed_08.jpg
Chevy_3500_4x4_Shown_with_Classy_Chassis_Aluminum_Haul-It-All_Bed_09.jpg Chevy_3500_4x4_Shown_with_Classy_Chassis_Aluminum_Haul-It-All_Bed_10.jpg

Multi Purpose Tool, Hauler, and Slide In Camper Bed.
Fits all available make and model dually's.

Classy Chassis Haul-It-All
Aluminum Hauler Beds

This design of truck bed is for the person that wants the ability to do whatever work is asked of it. At the same time, retaining the appearance of a luxury vehicle. Drive to your business meeting. pull that bulldozer, load that lumber, or use it on vacation.


  • Movable Tailgate With
    49" Opening for: Lumber,
    Plywood, 4-Wheeler,
    Trailer Hitch Assembly ,Aux Fuel or Transfer Tank.
  • More Storage Room
  • Sprayed In Bed Liner
  • Meets And Is Exempt From 12% Federal Excise tax

Whatever you need. This very versatile bed can do the job right. Even if you just want to play.

From any angle, this all aluminum bed say's work. Notice the steps on the side allowing easy access to the front of the bed. Well sealed doors to protect tools and equipment.

Classy Chassis Haul-It-All Pulling Trailer



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